Why did the trees release their resin so abundantly?

Transparent amber
Transparent amber

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  • Was it a natural biological process?
  • Was it due to climate fluctuations?
  • Were the causes external – strong injuries to trees or their diseases?

The most likely cause was the volcanic activity.



Late Paleocene volcanic activity was related to the movements of the earth’s crust. This was the beginning of the division of Fennoscandia.


The cloud of ash fell on amber forrest, coated the leaves, branches and tree trunks. The trees defended themselves and began to release resin.



Trees secrete resins for their protective benefits in response to injury. Wound trauma to a tree can  stimulate the production of traumatic resin canals. Resin helps containing the injury and help in healing any resulting infection.




  • has high antiseptic qualities that prevent decay
  • lower the amount of water lost from the plant’s tissues
  • protects the tree from insects and pathogens.



Fagradalsfjall eruption, 2021 | Photo Karol Wójcicki @karolwojcicki
Nacklace | Alain Roggemen
Museum of Amber Inclusions UG
Resin pocket pinus sylvestris | Beentree
Iceland, April 2021 | Photo: Karolina Kryspowicka-Lisińska
Bracelet | Paweł Kaczyński

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