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Bluish amber

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The contacts continuously built for over 20 years allow us to connect with many global institutions and businesses. In the world of jewellery, the key relationships are built on trust. They allow you to shorten both the distance and negotiation time, and to meet new people in the business.


Jarosław Westermark
Jarosław Westermark

Jewellery designers and manufacturers

Are you not sure where to buy unique amber jewellery? Are you looking for an exceptional designer? Do you have a gallery and are you looking for new collections?

NAC Amber
NAC Amber

Suppliers of raw materials and machines

Are you looking for raw amber, components or gemstones? Do you want to place a non-standard order?

Opaque amber

Trade show organisers

Do you want to present your products in the Chinese, Thai or European market? Do you want to visit a trade show? We act as intermediaries and help in exhibiting on selected markets.

Grasshopper in Baltic amber
Grashopper in Baltic amber (Museum of Amber Inclusions UG)

museums and collectors

Do you have unique items or perhaps a collection? Are you looking for extraordinary or unique objects?

Solar amulet | Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk
Solar amulet (Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk)


Do you have an idea for an amber promotion campaign? Do you want to advertise your collection or get in touch with the right journalists?

White amber

gemmologists and research centres

Are you looking to work with experts in gemmology, jewellery, geology, history and biology? Make an enquiry.


When I think about amber, I immediately think about Michał and Agnieszka. I don’t know any other people who are more about amber. I can count on them with every topic. They flawlessly sense what you need and accurately advise on the options. They seamlessly connect people from various fields.
Michał Starost
Michał Starost
Fashion designer, Art director of Amber Look Trends & Styles | Poland
Michael Kosior is the go-to authority for everything Amber. Michal is very sought-after for his extensive knowledge of this organic gem. He is a true "Amber Expert".
Cynthia Unninayar
Cynthia Unninayar
Jewelry Journalist and Expert | USA
I have worked with Agnieszka and Michał on researching the amber market for my project and in order to obtain raw amber for microbiological tests. Their experience in the industry and their professional approach have proved extremely helpful at many stages.
Igor Kaczmarczyk
Igor Kaczmarczyk
Amber Laboratories | Poland