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Opaque ambers

amber bursztyn كهرمان amipere Bernstein 호박 Rav Sukcynit jantar Бурштын hupo âmbar Kahraman янтарь 琥珀 gintaras meripihka อำพัน ambra dzintars kehribar Sukceno Rafi Hổ phách Merevaik Κεχριμπάρι कहरुवा ambre Chihlimbar Borostyán ပယင် ambar


Amber is one of the oldest materials used in jewellery and decorative items.
It is easily workable.

As a living stone, it changes beautifully over time.


It ignites curiosity with the inclusions of plants and animals found in it.


It is a witness to the history of humankind.

Larva in Baltic amber
Larva in Baltic amber | Museum of Amber Inclusions UG

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How amber is gained?

How amber is gained?

Amber appears in specimens of less than 1g and up to pieces of 10 kg. How do people get the amber? Amber sources in the past People picked up the

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customised amber training courses

At our courses, you will gain wide-ranging knowledge of amber. You will be in no doubt about where amber comes from and where its deposits are located. You will learn about both the history and the latest jewellery trends. You will find out which inclusions are the most common and which are the most valuable. What properties amber has and how to make use of them. You will organise your knowledge about the kinds of amber and its varieties. You will learn about both old and latest methods for processing the Gold of the Baltic and its treatment.

what you get

  • Instructors who are experienced amber professionals, enthusiasts and practitioners
  • A rich library of multimedia, photographs and videos
  • Interesting exhibits and samples to enhance course materials
  • Amber fishing and mining demonstrations
  • Amber workshop visits
  • Opportunity to explore museum collections
  • Course locations and dates tailored to the needs of the participants
Ambers with barnacles
Amber with heart

Our courses are taken by

  • Companies who want to present Pomerania to their visitors and partners through an interesting geography-related product
  • People who want to learn the secrets and facts about the Gold of the North
  • Enthusiasts and collectors
  • People from the amber industry who want to deepen and consolidate their knowledge
  • Gemstone experts who want to broaden their knowledge of amber


Michał Kosior conducted a course for our mine’s geologists. He provided a high level of professional knowledge and course logistics, with flexibility and a partnership-based approach. His teaching technique got our staff engaged in active participation. Very helpful course materials were the content base of the training.
Jan Paluch
Jan Paluch​
Stellarium | Poland
I have known Michal for several years. He has been immensely supportive of various projects we have worked on together over this time. Michal continues to support with advice and expertise, passing on his knowledge via seminars and discussions.
Alicia Kelly
Alicia Kelly
Managing Director, Artisamber Ltd | Hong Kong
Michael Kosior is the go-to authority for everything Amber. Michal is very sought-after for his extensive knowledge of this organic gem. He is a true "Amber Expert".
Cynthia Unninayar
Cynthia Unninayar
Jewelry Journalist and Expert | USA