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and valuations

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Reports we offer:

Amber Micro Report

Amber Identification Micro Report

Plastic, credit card-sized report containing
judgements and basic data.
Is an economic and convenient choice for amber objects.

Amber Identification Premium Report

Amber Identification Premium Report

Hard cover book format report containing the full professional data collected and multiple pictures. Premium reports are limited to exeptionally rare items.

Standard Report

Amber Identification Report

Soft cover folded report. Complete identification and enhancement documentation with science based information, professional judgements and hi-quality pictures.

Laboratory Report

Laboratory Report

Report is applicable for fossil and subfossil resins (copals), natural and synthetic amber simulants. A4 format report contains science based information and professional judgements.

Our laboratory


Amber Experts

Gdańsk | Polska

We provide testing and identification of amber, fossil and subfossil resins (copal), natural and synthetic amber simulants, valuation of amber jewellery and raw amber, support from collaborating experts, consultations and more.

Amber Experts Lab
Amber Experts Lab

what you get

  • Gemmology lab analyses performed by certified experts
  • Various types of reports to document the test result
  • Mobile Lab Service
  • A case-by-case approach
  • Collaboration with experts in palaeontology, archaeology, geology, gemmology, chemistry and art history
  • A continuously expanded library of reference samples
  • Continuous contact with the industry’s producers and suppliers
  • Ethical approach, impartiality and reliable appraisals
Amber Experts Lab

for whom

Gin Atelier

Jewellery manufacturers

Complete product batches
Customised product lines

Amber lump


Natural specimens and inclusions
Historical artefacts and works of art

Raw amber

Customs and tax chambers, police and courts

Raw amber, components and finished products


We especially appreciate our long-term cooperation with Michał Kosior. His commitment and continuous pursuit of what’s new in the world of amber have allowed us to update our educational collection and keep it “fresh” in the courses that we provide
Jacek Ożdżeński
Jacek and Filip Ożdżeński
Gemmology Laboratory | Poland
I find that Michal Kosior is very professional.
His expertise and knowledge of amber is truly profound.
Joseph Fam
Joseph Fam
Collector | Singapore
I have benefited from Michał and Agnieszka’s appraisals multiple times. My purchases were safe because they always accurately detected all and any treatment. My customers felt safe because of the tests which they had performed.
Daria Burkowska
Daria Burkowska
Dorbur | Poland