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Where does the name amber come from?

Baltic amber
Baltic amber

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The English name for amber is derived from the Arabic word anbar, originally used to describe ambergris.

The Polish name for amber (bursztyn) is derived from the German word Bernstein, meaning a stone that burns.

Slavic and Baltic languages trace the name for amber back to the Phoenician word yainitar (sea resin), with the Slavic yantar (Russian янтарь), Lithuanian gintaras and Latvian dzintars.

Its other names include: ambre, ambar, âmbar, amipere, Бурштын, Merevaik, meripihka, Rav, Rafi, kuul, Sukceno, Κεχριμπάρι, Borostyán, Hphách, hupo, Kahraman, kehribar, Chihlimbar, كهرمان, 호박, कहरुवा, อำพัน, ပယင်, 琥珀.

Succinite is a mineralogical term (Latin succus: tree sap).

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