What determines the shape of amber?

Baltic amber
Baltic amber

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Amber is never found in accidental forms or shapeless.

Amber was produced by resin secretions both inside and outside the tree-trunk.


Natural amber forms depended on:

  • where the resin seeped from – inside or outside the tree
  • what form the crevice in which it gathered had
  • the tree’s age and state of preservation
  • the extend of the wound
  • the quality of the outflow, affected by the season of the year
  • sun exposure
  • cracks formed during transport to the deposit


Internal formations

Did not separate from the tree until the wood had decayed.


  • resin pockets – between the annual growth rings
  • inter-bark forms – in the tree bark
  • under-bark forms – under the tree bark, formations between bark and trunk
  • crevice forms – in tree crevices going in various directions

External formations

Are usually transparent. The majority of inclusions are found in these forms.

  • drops
  • stalactites
  • needles
  • swellings
  • layered amber


Amber tree trunk
Amber tree trunk model | A. Klikowicz-Kosior, Michal Kosior
Amber tree trunk
Baltic amber

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