Baltic amber properties ?

Photo: Ivo Rappsilber
Photo: Ivo Rappsilber

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Amber is not a stone. It is organic in origin. Minearological name for Baltic amber is succinite.

amorphous structure

Amber does not have a regular molecular structure – it is not crystalline like diamond. Amber structure is amorphous like glass.

amber is light

A piece of amber weighs less than half the weight of a rock of the same size.

Transparent Baltic amber has higher specific gravity -1,1 g/cm3 than the opaque white one – 0,93 g/cm3.

In fresh water (1,0 g/cm3) it sinks to the bottom, in a concentrated salt solution it will float.

bernstein – burn-stone

Amber burns owing to its composition of various organic substances.

It burns with a bright, sooty flame, emitting black smoke and diffusing a pleasant smell reminiscent of pine resin.

The German word for amber is Bernstein – burn-stone.

Melting point approximately 375C.

Translucent ambers
Photo: Ivo Rappsilber
Photo: Ivo Rappsilber

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