Standard Price List for Identification Reports

Amber Identification Report
Amber Identification Micro Report
Amber Identification Premium Report
Laboratory Report
  • All the prices below are exclusive of VAT and valid as of January 1, 2021.
  • All fees are given in US Dollars (USD) per raport.
  • Prices refer to products up to 3 amber elements. For more than 3 elements, the price is + 50%
  • The fees include the issuance of a Report in English and may be subject to change.
  • The prices mentioned in this list are for standard customers. For details please contact us.
Amber Identification Micro Report

amber identification micro report

$ 40
  • A handy and potable plastic, credit card-sized report containing object description, specimen identification and identification of treatments.. Micro report is an economic and convenient choice for amber objects.

Amber Identification Report

amber identification report

$ 70
  • Report is a comprehensive soft cover C-folded document. Complete identification of Baltic amber with list of enhancements or treatments. Detailed description of the object, science based information, professional judgements and hi-quality pictures.
Amber Identification Premium Report

amber identification premium report

$ 700
  • Hard cover book format report containing the full professional data collected
    and multiple pictures.

    Premium reports are limited to exeptionally rare items.
Laboratory Report

laboratory report

$ 50
  • A4 format report contains science based information and professional judgements.

    Report is applicable for fossil and subfossil resins (copals), natural
    and synthetic amber simulants.

understanding report

Report number

Registered number that is kept in Amber Experts database coded in the barcode.

Date | Place

The date and place the report was issued by Amber Experts.


The report is related only to the pictured object which was submitted to Amber Experts Laboratory. Images do not accurately portray size or colour.

Object details

Type of the object and number of amber elements.


The total weight of the object expressed in grams.


Height-lenght-width or diameter of the object.

Colour and transparency

Amber appears in a wide variety of colours – white, yellow to brown, red, black, blueish, greenish and beige. Amber object can be transparent, translucent or opaque.


Smoothness of the amber surface.


Some ambers react to long-wave ultraviolet light (UV). The scale: none, weak, medium, strong.


Amber Experts laboratory is able to analyse the specimen and classify amber. Whether the amber is natural, modified, reconstructed or bonded.


Reports disclose the presence of the detected treatments – heating, pressing, dyeing, coating or cavity filling.


Many ambers include organic inclusion, which can be identified by paleoentomologist.


Additional identifying characteristics or features.

Expert’s name

Analyses performed by certified experts.

Security features

Exclusive security features are incorporated visible only by loupe and UV light. Fluo marks, UV print, hologram, embossed logo and online verification.